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FOOTECH Acupressure Insole

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FOOTECH Acupressure Insole



With specially designed insole, only by wearing it, it automatically performs foot acupressure massage, and enables healthy living as a functional Foot Acupressure Shoes.


  1. Specially designed arch structure brings strength and balance to both feet so that it diverge shock of the body weight while removes fatigue of feet and bring them comforts.

  2. With a specific design of insole to press major reflex areas that are distributed on the foot sole, when you walk around wearing the product, it massages the feet with acupressure so that it induces blood circulation to be vigorous together with strong power, enabling to have power walking for health.

  3. Harmony of functionality and fashion: This product surpasses the existing stereotype that functional shoes are not so fashionable, by adding fashion to acupressure functionality. This product shows the success in making it fashionable by putting esthetic health into its functionality 

  4. As it is easy to put in or put out the insole, various uses are available for existing mountain-climbing boots, golf shoes, safety shoes according to different needs