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FOOTECH Shoes for lady (model no. 2209J)

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FOOTECH Shoes for lady (model no. 2209J)



  • model no. 2209J
  • use cowhide
  • color
    - Scarlet
    - Black
    - Dark Brown



  1. Palpation of blood circulation – acupressure effects
    Insole made in the shape of sole arch has effects of acupressure stimulating acupressure points which are spread on sole, thus it helps the blood circulation of foot so called as the 2nd heart.

  2. Prevention and improvement of flatfoot
    Arch at the center of insole prevents feet from being flatfoot and also has effects on correcting congenital as well as acquired flat foot.

  3. Protection of joints, ligaments, muscles and discs.
    Feet need to bear the body weight so it should be able to endure any shock equivalent to the body weight. Arched insole buffers such shock so as to protect joints and ligaments, muscles, and discs.







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FOOTECH Shoes for lady -model no- 2209J-

FOOTECH Shoes for lady -model no- 2209J-

FOOTECH Shoes for lady -model no- 2209J-